Utah County 4-H Contests


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    Utah County 4-H Contests

    Youth grades K-12 are invited to participate in the Utah County 4-H Contests. Cloverbuds (grades K-2) will automatically receive a medal for participation.  Each contest is worth 2 4-H Achievements Points. You can choose to enter one contest or all of them! Contests are held throughout the year. Check our newsletter for upcoming contest dates.

    Register online for each contest at: https://ut.4honline.com.

    Competitions are designed to:

    • Develop youth talents and showcase them
    • Encourage youth to speak in public and teach others
    • Get youth ready for the “real world” when they get older
    • Create a safe environment to compete
    • Give youth positive feedback on how they did and what they can do better
    • Improve skills in each area
    • Prepare youth grades 9-12 to compete in Utah State 4-H Contests

    Below you will find a list of each of the contests Utah County 4-H offers. Our staff tries to conduct the county contest as similar to the state contest as possible, utilizing the same rules, time allowances, and judge’s sheets. Each contest is worth 2 4-H Achievement Points!

    4-H Public Speaking and Demonstrations Contests

    Public Speaking
    • Demonstrations
    • Congress Interviews
    • Horse Demonstrations
    • Horse Public Speaking
    • Impromptu Public Speaking
    • Public Speaking
    • World of Work
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    4-H Consumer Sciences Contests

    Fashion Review
    • Consumer Bowl
    • Decorate Your Duds
    • Fashion Revue
    • Sewing Contest
    • Smart Shopping Challenge
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    4-H Culinary Contests

    Chef Extraodinaire
    • Chef Extraordinaire
    • Favorite Foods
    • Healthy Cuisine
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    Talent Contests

    Talent Contests
    • Talent (includes dance, piano, instrumental, variety and vocal)
    • Video Production (State level only)
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    Horse, Shooting Sports and Livestock Contests

    Horse Contests
    • Horse Bowl
    • Horse Demonstrations
    • Horse Judging
    • Horse Public Speaking
    • Livestock Bowl
    • Livestock Judging
    • Shooting Sports
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