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    Find A Horse Club

    There are two main types of clubs in 4-H - Family and Community.

    Family Clubs are for your family where you can focus on what your children would like to learn. You can create your own curriculum or use any resources 4-H provides.

    Community Clubs are run by a variety of leaders and are often project specific. Youth from various locations and age groups come together to learn and grow.

    Please note: Club leaders may have limits on the number of youth they allow to participate. Please feel free to contact these leaders to receive more information. If these clubs do not meet your needs please feel free to create your own family club. More information on that can be found here:

      • Jr. Roughouts
        • Marianne Daniels:, 801-722-5999


      • Cedar Valley Shadow Riders
        • Bobbie Allinson:


      • Mane Attraction
        • Jennifer Haycock: 801-502-3952,


      • Rockin’ Riders
        • Jennifer Riley: 801-360-4612;


      • Saddle Dreamers
        • Denise Barrow: 801-888-7684;


      • Sunfire Ranch Riders
        • Jeni Fackrell: 801-376-6602
        • Megan Dawson:
      • Brockbank Horse Club
        • Jennifer Brockbank: 801-669-7961


      • Diamond Fork Jr 4-H Riding Club
        • Pat Sorensen: 801-798-9129
        • Gina Olsen: 801-362-8712,


      • Mortensen Family 4-H
        • Ashley Mortensen:


      • Pace Family Horse Club
        • Sandra Pace:


      • Rydin2Win Horsemanship
        • Denise Sullivan:


      • Sunspring Equestrian Club
        • Shery Goodman:


      • Whole Horse Academy
        • Geneva Feland:
      • Corral Busters
        • Kelly Powell:


      • Dust Riders
        • Toni Carter: 801-754-3731


      • Goshen Broncos Horse Club
        • Janelle Kropf: 801-494-4905,


      • Lakeshore Wild Bunch
        • Marti or Weston Pace: 801-798-0899;


      • Leland Equine 4-H
        • Brenda Liddiard:


      • Thunder Rose Riders
        • Trudy Hudson:


      • West Mountain Heartbreakers
        • Kacey Kalmar:


      • West Mountain Rough Riders
        • Jeanne Lewis: 801-798-2866