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    Healthy Living Challenge

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    4 for 4-H Healthy Living Challenge

    Walk at least 4 MILES a day for 4 DAYS a week for 4 WEEKS!

    Looking for a way to stay healthy this summer and have a chance to win a cool prize? Look no further! The 4 for 4-H Healthy Living Challenge provides a way for 4-H members and registered adults to stay active this summer.


    • Step 1: Register for the 4 for 4-H Healthy Living Challenge at by July 4th. The challenge will run from June 28th to July 25th.

    • Step 2: Walk, run, hike, swim, just get those feet moving! The goal is to walk at least 4 MILES a day for at least 4 DAYS a week for 4 WEEKS! Be sure to track those miles and any extra from Sunday to Saturday each week.

    • Step 3: Log your miles. Each week participants submit their miles via a google form that will be emailed to you. This is an "on your honor" system so please record your miles accurately and honestly.

    • Step 4: Win a prize! At the end of the challenge the Junior, Intermediate, Senior, and Adult who logs the most miles will win a Fitbit Inspire HR fitness tracker. In the event of a tie in any age division a winner will be randomly chosen via a blind drawing. Winners will be contacted via email and announced on Facebook and Instagram at the close of the challenge. Prizes can be picked up from the 4-H Office.


    Get out there and get moving!




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