Utah County 4-H Youth Leadership


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    Utah County 4-H Youth Leadership

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    Youth leadership is the driving force of Utah 4-H. We believe that a true youth program should be led by those who know it best, our youth! With that being said, we are excited to announce a few changes to the Utah County 4-H Youth Leadership Program. These changes directly reflect opportunities available at the State level. 


    Youth Leadership Opportunities


    Club Leadership

      • Club leadership is vital to the success of a 4-H Club. To be a chartered 4-H Club you must have Club leadership. 
      • Club leadership is decided at the Club level. This can be done in many ways. 
        • Elected: Elected leaders are selected by the voice of the club. 
        • Appointed: Appointed leaders are assigned to their position by a Club Leader.
        • Rotating: Club members rotate leadership positions at each Club meeting


    Teen Council

      • Teen Council is comprised of 8-10 youth members grades 9th - 12th who serve as the leadership team for the county youth. As such you organize retreats or camps for Intermediate and Junior 4-H members, organize and participate in service, and work collaboratively with County Project Ambassadors to provide essential training to club officers, organize general leadership trainings, and plan 4-H youth activities.
      • Teen Council Responsibilities include: 
        • Junior Spring Day Retreat (May; 3rd-5th grade)
        • Intermediate Spring Retreat (March; 6th - 8th grade)
        • Day Camp (June)
        • Service/Outreach Projects (3x’s; Winter, Spring, Summer)
          • Sample ideas: Blood Drive, Angel Tree, etc. 
        •  Work with County Project Ambassadors to:
          • Hold Club Officer Trainings (TBD)
          • Hold General Leadership Trainings (August)
          • Plan 4-H Friday youth activities (November & April)
      • Applications for Teen Council are due August 1st. 
      • Click HERE for more information.


    Junior Teen Council

      • More information coming soon!


    State Design Teams

      • More information coming soon!


    State 4-H Ambassador




    County Project Ambassadors

      • Utah County 4-H Project Ambassadors serve in a leadership capacity for each of the following project areas: Horse, Livestock, FCS, and STEM. Each project area will be comprised of both Senior Officers and team members. Youth in grades 6-12 may serve as project ambassadors. Youth in grades 9-12 may apply to serve as the Project Ambassador Officers.
      • Project Ambassador responsibilities include: 
        • Organize and facilitate a project area Day Camp
        • Organize and facilitate two learning clinics in your project area
        • Organize and facilitate a fundraiser o
          • Horse and Livestock project areas will participate in the semiannual Tractor Supply event in addition.
        • Organize and facilitate a service project or learning opportunity 
        • Organize and facilitate an outreach education night in your project area
      • Applications for Project Ambassadors are due August 1st.
      • Click HERE for more information. 


    SPARK Teams

      • SPARK Teams serve as as County level design team. A 4-H Design Team is a group of teens who come together to create and implement a specific 4-H event. The Design Team is focused for a short period of time; as such time commitments may vary based upon the needs of the event or activity. Therefore, there are multiple opportunities to participate on a SPARK Team in a variety of leadership capacities. Spark Teams may change from event to event and year to year. Youth may apply to one or all teams based upon their interests and available time commitments.
      • Each Team consists of 3-7 youth including a Team Lead(s). Smaller teams are responsible for Outreach and Clubs, whereas larger teams are responsible for larger events.
      • SPARK Team Opportunities Include: 
        • Back to School Retreat Team (9-12th grade; 2021)
        • Summer Teen Camp Team (9th - 12th grade; 2021)
        • Outreach Day Camp Teams (3rd – 8th grade; 2020-21)
        • SPARK Club Teams (2020-21)
      • Applications for the SPARK Team for Back to School Retreat and SPARK Team for Fall Outreach Camp are due August 1st. 
      • Click HERE for more information. 


    Northern Region Ambassador


    State Project Ambassador

      • More information coming soon!