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    Club Resources

    Club Resources

    If you are not currently a member of a 4-H club, please check out this link about becoming a member of 4-H.

    Organizing a 4-H Club

    Here is a link to how to organize a 4-H club for your family or community.

    Items for Checkout: Utah County 4-H Items for Checkout

    Utah County 4-H allows volunteers and club leaders to rent a variety of items and kits for your club. You will find things like board games, yoga mats, video cameras, and everything in between! You may use these items for 4-H activities, clubs, camps and events. Remember, that if you are in a 4-H family club, you can use them for your 4-H family activities, too!

    Discover 4-H Clubs Curriculum:

    The Discover 4-H Clubs Curriculum is perfect for a new club, or to help you find projects to do with your existing club, these printable packets can help you with your first six club meetings. Each packet gives step-by-step instructions to help make your club run smoothly. If you are new to 4-H, the Discover Clubs are a great introduction to how fun 4-H can be!

    Portfolio Information:

    Portfolio forms:

    Achievement Scorecard:

    Click here for the scorecard and information about it.

    Utah County 4-H Achievement Scorecard

    Utah County offers many activities throughout the year. The Achievement Scorecard is an incentive program to help encourage youth to become more active in 4-H. Every event on the card is worth one point, unless indicated. When you attend county 4-H activities, you earn points.

    Each 4-Her should keep track of their activities throughout the year on their individual scorecard. They turn the scorecard in to the 4-H Office on or before October 1st along with their 4-H Portfolio, if they are entering one. Awards will be presented at 4-H Achievement Night in November. 

    Social Media Resources:

    Other 4-H Resources:

     Utah 4-H 2020 Competitions