What is 4-H?


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    What is 4-H?



    whatis4h4-H is for youth, grades 3rd -12th, as of Sept. 1, 2020. The program emphasizes "learning by doing" for the growth and development of youth. 

    4-H is run through volunteer-led clubs. 4-H clubs are a safe place to explore new interests, learn through trial and error, and make new friends--all while having the support of a caring mentor. Each 4-H club meets at least 6 times a year. Different projects can be selected based on the interests of the youth involved. These projects are then completed within the club.

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    Some clubs meet weekly all year, others daily during the summer: the minimum requirement is six times per year. Most clubs work toward having their projects finished so they can enter them at the Utah County Fair. Our fair is in August at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds and entry information can be found in our e-newsletter or on this website. There's a place for everyone in 4-H! 

    Types of Clubs 

    Club Charting Requirements 

    • Clubs may charter throughout the 4-H Year
      • Prior to club meetings, all club members and leaders must be registered for 4-H for the current year.
      • Clubs will not be visible in ZSuite for enrollment until club charter paperwork is submitted to and approved by the 4-H Office. 
      • Club charter forms are available online at https://utahcounty4h.org/volunteerresources.
      • Please email your club charter form to Melanie at melanie.ogan@usu.edu or Katelyn at katelyn.bell@usu.edu or drop it off at the 4-H Office. 
    • A chartered club includes at least 5 youth from 3 different families meeting at least 6 times a year. 
      • Families may combine to create a chartered club.
      • Cousins and extended family are considered different families.
    • Clubs agree to provide the “full 4-H experience”
      • Clubs use officers, offer pledges, and engage in learning & doing at club meetings.
    • 4-H Office Clubs 

    4-H At Home Clubs (Independent Study) 

    • “Family Clubs” should enroll in our 4-H At Home North Utah County OR 4-H At Home South Utah County clubs.
      • Club affiliation is determined by your location relative to University Parkway.
      • 4-H At Home Clubs are NOT chartered clubs and limitations apply

    4-H At Home Homeschool Club

    • New this year. Designed to connect homeschool families through 4-H.
    • Select this club is you are a homeschool family, NOT already affiliated with a chartered club.
    • A parent is expected to register as a volunteer for their family.
    • There is no cost to register as a volunteer.

    Contest & Club Affiliation 

    To compete at contests youth musts be part of a chartered club, this applies to both county and state level.

    • Chartered Club qualification requirements
      • Be an active member in a chartered club.
      • To compete at state youth must compete in a contest at the county level.
    • 4-H At Home qualification requirements
      • Be an active member in a 4-H At Home Club 
      • Have attended at least 3 state or county workshop/training clinics or competed at the county contest to attend an overnight event

    Age Divisions and Projects 

    Utah 4-H Age Divisions are based on a child’s school grade.

    • Cloverbud 4-H Members Kindergarten through 2nd Grade
    • Junior 4-H Members 3rd* through 5th Grade
    • Intermediate 4-H Members 6th through 8th Grade
    • Senior 4-H Members 9th through 12th Grade 

    Youth who are homeschooled will follow the Utah State Board of Education criteria for grade placement based on age and should enroll in the grade based upon the USBE criteria for their age as of September 1, 2020. 

    • Cloverbud 4-H Members Ages 5 through 7
    • Junior 4-H Members Ages 8* through 10 
    • Intermediate 4-H Members Ages 11 through 13
    • Senior 4-H Members Ages 14 through 18

    *Youth MUST be age 8 AND in 3rd grade to participate in large animal, shooting sports, and ATV projects and activities. Youth turning 8 AND in 3rd grade may participate after their 8th birthday during the 4-H year. Please note that youth must turn 8 by the ownership deadline (100 days prior to the show for cattle, 60 days prior to the show for sheep, goats, and hogs) to participate in the horse and livestock program.


    Project areas are a great way to not only develop interests but also to gain new life skills.

    4-H has more than 150 projects from which to choose. Some of these include:

    • Robotics
    • Sewing
    • Livestock
    • Photography
    • Public Speaking
    • Cooking 
    • Horses

    Become a Volunteer! 

    • Volunteering in 4-H is a great way to help improve your community and family. As a volunteer you will become very familiar with our creed to "Make the Best Better!" as you strive to help make things better around you. 4-H youth need both you, along with the discipline and the recognition that comes from participating in something bigger than themselves. 4-H is in every state in the United States, as well as in some parts of Canada and Europe. By volunteering with 4-H you will become one of thousands of volunteers in the world who are striving to help make our world a better place through supporting our youth. 

    Leaders' Council 

    • All leaders are encouraged to attend our monthly Leaders' Council meetings. This is free for all leaders of all experience levels. 
    • Meetings are typically held every first Thursday of the month from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

    Other Volunteer Opportunities

    • There are also many volunteer options that don't require long term commitments like Volunteering for specific eventsYou can help chaperone a camp or retreat, help run one of our events, or be a judge for the county fair. Really, the opportunities for volunteering are limitless. If you have the time, we have the resources to help you, help us!

    As a new or returning member, please be sure you select the correct club with your enrollment. If you are planning to be a 4-H Family Club, please select either North UT CO Club or South UT CO Club based on your location North or South of University Parkway. These would be those who plan to complete 4-H projects and activities outside of a Chartered Club. If you are joining us as a Homeschool Family not affiliated with any other chartered club, please select our Utah County Homeschool Club. These three "general clubs" are a great way to begin and get to know other 4-H'ers and eventually break off into your own chartered club. Please, as always, reach out with questions; 385.268.6531.

    Utah 4-H is excited to announce a new member management and event registration platform, ZSuite. Beginning Sep. 1, 2020 you will enroll in 4-H and register for 4-H events

    To get started, each family will need to create a household account. 

    Returning Members | The first time you access ZSuite you will:

    1. Select "Sign Up"
    2. Enter your email address (the one you used when logging into 4-H Online)
    3. Enter a desired password (doesn't have to be the same as used in 4-H Online)

    If the email address is located in ZSuite you will be directed to your family dashboard in ZSuite. From there you may enroll in the current 4-H year and begin registering for 4-H events when they become available.

    • If you enter an email address that is not found in the ZSuite database (one that was not in 4H Online) you will be asked to continue with the sign up process (create a new account).
    • Instead of creating a new account, thus creating a duplicate account, we ask that you email the 4-H State Office (contact information below) to request the email address that is tied to your account.
    • Video Tutorial

    New to 4-H 

    1. Select "Sign Up"
    2. Follow the prompts on the screen, and add your information
    3. Once you have registered your household, on your dashboard you can add members by clicking "+Household Member" 
    4. 2020 4-H Registration Fee is $10
    5. Event and activity fees are determined based upon the event and will vary 
    6. Video Tutorial

    Your Dashboard will list announcements, shared files, and upcoming events


    New to 4-H? Join our emailing list to receive our monthly newsletter and updates! 

    Utah County 4-H Pinterest page- about 4-H or ideas for 4-H projects.

    Utah County 4-H Facebook Page

    Utah County 4-H Instagram Account


    The goal of the program is to help youth develop into self-directing, contributing and productive members of society.

    If you have any questions, please call The Utah County 4-H Office at 385-268-6531.