What is 4-H?


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    What is 4-H?

    4-H is for youth, ages 8-18 as of Sept. 1, 2019. The program emphasizes "learning by doing" for the growth and development of youth. 

    4-H is run through volunteer-led clubs. 4-H clubs are a safe place to explore new interests, learn through trial and error, and make new friends--all while having the support of a caring mentor. Each 4-H club meets at least 6 times a year. Different projects can be selected based on the interests of the youth involved. These projects are then completed within the club.

    In our traditional 4-H clubs there are 2 options for which you can volunteer. You can run a Family Club for your family where you could focus on what you would like your children to learn and have them work on projects to enter into the fair, or you can be a leader of a Community Club where you invite children in the neighborhood to participate in a club with other children of similar ages so you can tailor your lessons to a particular age group.

    Most clubs in Utah County are family clubs or neighborhood clubs where parents are the leaders and their children are the 4-H members. There are also community clubs in the livestock and horse project areas. We are able to give out club leaders’ names with their permission. These leaders may or may not be taking new members into their clubs. Children in 3rd through 12th grades are 4-H members, children in kindergarten through 2nd grade are Clover bud members.

    Some clubs meet weekly all year, others daily during the summer: the minimum requirement is six times per year. Most clubs work toward having their projects finished so they can enter them at the Utah County Fair. Our fair is in August at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds and entry information can be found in our e-newsletter or on this website.

    There are many 4-H activities offered on the county and state levels throughout the year. Some are specific to a certain age and some require a registration fee. You may read further about these activities on both this website and the state 4-H website at http://utah4h.org

    Project areas are a great way to not only develop interests but also to gain new life skills.

    4-H has more than 150 projects from which to choose. Some of these include:

    • Robotics
    • Sewing
    • Livestock
    • Photography
    • Public Speaking
    • Cooking 
    • Horses

    Volunteering in 4-H is a great way to help improve your community and family. As a volunteer you will become very familiar with our creed to "Make the Best Better!" as you strive to help make things better around you. 4-H youth need both you and the discipline and the recognition that comes from participating in something bigger than themselves. 4-H is in every state in the United States as well as in some parts of Canada and Europe. By volunteering with 4-H you will become one of thousands of volunteers in the world who are striving to help make our world a better place through supporting our youth. 

    Other Volunteer Opportunities

    There are also many volunteer options that don't require long term commitments like Volunteering for specific eventsYou can help chaperone a camp or retreat, help run one of our events, be a judge for the county fair, or help with an afterschool program for a day. Really, the opportunities for volunteering are limitless. If you have the time, we have the resources to help you help us!

    • To get started, each 4-H family will need to set up a family account. Once that is completed you can add family members to your account (this is where you will add clubs and projects). 
    • To register, go to http://ut.4honline.com


    At 4-H youth gain knowledge and skills in:

    • Goal Setting
    • Leadership
    • Teamwork
    • Responsibility
    • Project Planning
    • Organizational Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Self-motivation
    • Citizenship

    The goal of the program is to help youth develop into self-directing, contributing and productive members of society.

    Call the Utah County 4-H Office at 385-268-6531 if you have any questions!