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    4-H Afterschool

    We currently run Afterschool Programs in 16 elementary schools, 10 junior high schools, and 1 high school in Utah County. Each school has a site coordinator who recruits volunteers to lead clubs on various topics. 

    4-H Afterschool

    A day in 4-H Afterschool consists of:

    • A healthy snack and homework help time
    • Reciting of the American and 4-H pledges
    • A group activity to get the kids focused for 4-H clubs
    • 90 minutes of club time on a variety of topics ranging from cooking and sewing to robotics and karaoke 

    The program will run for 32 weeks throughout the school year, allowing kids the opportunity to do productive and fun things after school. During the summer, students are invited to participate in other camps and activities 4-H has to offer.

    Mandalee Shreeve

    4-H Afterschool Program Coordinator
    801-851-8435 |

    4-H Youth Mentoring

    What is 4-H Mentoring?

    4-H Mentoring: Youth & Families with Promise (YFP) is a program which began in 2001 and is designed for youth, ages 10-15, and their families. Youth are matched with young adult mentors, who establish caring relationships with identified youth. All mentors are screened before being matched (interview, reference and background check). This program allows youth to develop their interpersonal and academic skills by participating in structured recreation, community service, and community youth groups.

    Program Components

    We are committed to providing an environment which fosters belonging, independence, generosity and mastery (BIG M) among mentors, youth, and families. The four essential elements of positive youth development. 

    Mentors are a major part of their mentee's life. They provide stability and a caring relationship for their mentees. They provide their kids with something to be excited about and someone who is always looking out for their well being.

    Youth will:

    • Meet four times each month with their mentor (one meeting each month is sponsored by 4-H)
    • Attend weekly 4-H Afterschool Mentoring club
    • Attend monthly Family Night Out programs together with their family*

    To enroll a youth, sign up here:

    Youth / Family Enrollment 

    Mentors will**:

    • Be a mentor to a child in Utah County
    • Be a guide, advocate, friend and role model
    • Help your mentee feel a sense of belonging, develop independence, understand the importance of generosity, and master new skills
    • Introduce your mentee to new and different environments
    • Meet and socialize monthly with the other mentors at the monthly provided activity for you and your mentee
    • Give an hour of time each week for one full year
    • Make a year commitment to mentor a youth
    • Meet 4 times per month (usually once each week) with the youth you mentor

    What youth need most is a caring adult who peacefully resolves conflicts and communicates in a healthy way. They need someone to trust and who trusts them.

    To become a mentor, sign up here:Become a Mentor! 

    Find mentoring activity ideas, here: 

    Activity Ideas

    For any questions, please contact:

    Brandon Summers

    Mentoring Program Coordinator
    801-851-8475 |
    385-233-7505 |

    *To become a mentor, you need to be at least 18 years of age and have a vehicle.  You will need to be formally interviewed at a time which fits your schedule.  At the time of the interview, you will have the opportunity to read the Volunteer Application Packet, and to ask any questions you might have.  You will be required to complete a background check (simply for the safety of the youth) and attend some training prior to being matched with a child.  Once the required paperwork has been completed, the process of matching you with a child will begin.